• Prosperous Brewing Method Kit & Bundle
      Our mission is to help and inspire people to learn beer brewing faster and easier than ever!
      These kits are the result of that goal. With it, we're sure you'll start off enjoying the process and learn quickly.

    Fastest & Easiest Path To Brewing Your Own Beer!

    ​What Customers Are Saying!

    Jake & Jenae

    "Hello my name in Jacob Medley and I happily recommend the brew kit provided by Pickled Pepper Hops Shop. As a first-time brewer, this was a great way to learn more about beer and how easy brewing can be. The ingredients and equipment arrived very quickly. My girlfriend and I received the Robust Porter. The grains and hops smelt delicious. The first day was about a 4-hour commitment and the sessions after that were quick. We loved tasting the beer throughout each step from steeping the grains, to pouring it into the fermenting bucket, to bottling. We were grateful for the personal attention we received from Tyson and Tanner during their live sessions. They were both willing and eager to answer our questions during the brew process. We are excited to start turning brewing into a monthly date night activity. To conclude, we were both happy with the service we received and the quality of this product. We would highly recommend giving these kits a shot at least once and seeing how it works for you."
    - Jacob Medley and Jenae Irwin


    "Always loved going to breweries with my cousin and wife. So, once I heard about the brew classes, I wanted to learn. Now I plan on having a little brew shed for me to sneak out to once a week and play! Learn from these guys! They are knowledgeable and make it fun!"

    Michelle & Brittany

    "My daughter and I each won a brew kit from PPHS. We decided to have a brewday and we were able to watch the live video with Tyson & Tanner since this was our very first time making beer. 

    We pretty much followed them step by step. Unfortunately we did not get big enough pots we needed so we improvised. 

    I used a electric roaster oven and she used the inside of crockpot on the stove. We were told there's no way to ruin the beers so we kept going. Lol. Needless to say, after the whole process was complete, we were able to try our beers. 

    My daughter's turned out really good, the way it was supposed to be. Mine on the other hand took a turn for the worst due to a lil over cooking during the boiling process and a little too much sugar. Tyson helped me fix my beer. It took longer for my beer to be done but in the end it turned out ok and was drinkable. 

    It was a lot of fun and my daughter and I had a new hobby to do together! Cheers to PPHS for a really fun and tasty experience!"


    "I wanted to brew because I enjoy learning about what I'm consuming. This was a hobby that my college friends and I never really got to try on our own. The PPHS guys made the experience accessible and comfortable."

    Chet & Sandy

    "I always wanted to make beer, but it seemed hard. Both Sandy and I really like the Sweet Heifer that PPHS brews, so once we learned about the classes, we wanted to try and replicate it! Tyson made the brewing process easy and now we are brewing beer at home. Everyone should have this knowledge in their book of stuff. I recommend learning from these guys and enjoying a new hobby."


    "The knowledge and chemistry from the PPHS guys was incredible! We started with the gallon and a half batch and that was fun. Not only was it fun, it turned out great! Now that we can do it, we’re moving up to 5 gallons.

    Just learning what the hops did, what the barley did, how long to leave it in there, the mistakes we made just made us want to get back to it!

    Want to get to the point where we have brewing down and have all the equipment at home to play with all the flavors and everything.

    From the shop, Dave's the man! All his knowledge about brewing, how he helped us, tasting all of his brews. It was great! I recommend learning from these guys! It became so clear so quickly for us!"

    Ron & Caleb

    "Both Tyson and Tanner with Pickled Peppers Hop Shop are great guys to learn from, great company and I highly recommend them!"


    "I have to be honest; your kit is freakin awesome! The instructions were straightforward to follow, especially for my first time brewing. I really love the kit, and the easy step by step detail on brewing made my process super enjoyable. I would be more than happy to leave a positive review on your site. I would also recommend this site for any first time homebrewer. Lastly, to keep you updated, I'm just wrapping up on my brew, and it smells delicious and schedule to bottle on Christmas, to be exact. I look very forward to my next batch, especially from PPHS. Thank you for making it so damn easy!"



    Brew day instructions are pretty solid in the kit. Good job!

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